From Me To You CD Bundle

From Me To You CD Bundle

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  • Autographed
  • Individual, handwritten message to you personally
  • 2 EPs Living Room Sessions & Hope
  • Cardboard Wallet

What others say:

"Nama, I've been listening to your EPs all weekend, I really love your music!"

"Listening to your song 'Maybe' heals my heart"

"Simplicity behind a great talent . A real rainbow of veritable gems of sounds. I really love her." 

"Her voice reminds me of Amy Winehouse."

"Listened to your CDs, they are great, just wish there were more songs. Very addictive." 

"Her style is vintage and very enjoyable. Try her, you'll like what you hear."

"She's like a much smoother Janis Joplin."

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